“We aptly named this editorial “milk and honey” as we drew from the inspiration of these two substances. The soft, creamy textures of the linen and cream coloured chairs for the milk, and the warm, golden hues of the florals for the honey. 

Seeing these two contrasting things come together, played out in every aspect of our design. From the softness of the linen to the abstract design of the florals on the tablescape; the structural backdrop to the curved seating at the ceremony; this contrast was even seen throughout our models. Our models showcase the sensual mix of milk and honey. From their blonde and auburn hair, to their ivory and copper attire. We wanted to make sure the milk and honey theme ran through each element. 

Seeing how these colours, and these two textures came together, created beautiful wedding inspiration, that we wanted to show future brides and grooms. Showing them that contrasting elements can work together, and how to mix up your design, allows them to envision their own unique personalities throughout their day. Each couple brings something different to the table, and when a wedding is being planned, their differences can be compromised, and become blurred. We wanted to show that these contrasts can be a good thing, and that making your day your own, and continuing to show your personalities throughout the day, is important! 

Hopefully those viewing our editorial will understand our milk and honey references, both in the literal and non- literal sense. We are eager to see how future couples will continue to take this inspiration through to their own magical days.”